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Info Kairali computer magazine is the most widely-read computer magazine in Malayalam, with a readership of over 1 lakh. Info Kairali is targeted to meet the informational needs of general public those who are using computer and mobile phones, both at work and at home. Our goal is to give you the most complete coverage of computer and Mobile technology. It carries useful and contemporary articles and write- ups authored by eminent people in their respective fields and also by regular readers those who are interested to share their experience and tips in mobile and computer technology.

Articles should be understandable to a broad range of readers who want information they can apply in their daily work. Writing should be down-to-earth, practical, original, and comprehensible to all readers, regardless of their specialty. Don't assume that your audience has specialized experience in any particular subfield. Explain terms and concepts and avoid jargon and academic language. Articles should be novel and have a practical orientation.


By submitting your article to us, you agree to the the following terms and conditions,

The article is original and does not infringe any copyright and has not been published print or digital form elsewhere or has not been sent for publication.

We don't allow resubmission of articles that have previously been rejected by Info Kairali

If authors have used their own previously published material as a basis for a new submission, they must cite the previous work(s) and clearly indicate how the new submission offers substantively novel or different contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s). Copies of any previous published work affiliated with the new submission must also be included as supportive documentation upon submission.

We reserve the right to choose & modify the articles sent by you.

Articles submitted to us must be published under the Info Kairali copyright (excepting certain key rights retained by authors).

Any manuscript not meeting these criteria will be rejected. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the editor.

Submission guidelines

The article should be relevant to the Mobile and Information Technology.

It should comprise 1600-2000 words only.

You can send articles, preferably in rtf or pmd format (Do not submit PDF format), with any Unicode Malayalam font or Popular Malayalam fonts like ML-TTKarthika, ML-TTIndulekha, ML-TTRevathi, Shree-Mal-0502 and Thoolika

We strongly encourage the use of visual presentation of your ideas. All illustrations must be submitted inline, cited in the text, numbered, and accompanied by descriptive, clear, and complete captions. Graphs should show only the coordinated axes (or at most the major grid lines) to avoid dense, hard-to-read illustrations. We also encourage the use of code fragments to illustrate important ideas or techniques. They may be inserted inline or treated as figures. Submit separate files for each figure as high-quality, high-resolution files for best results. Mention the source of the image if any used.

The article and image attachments should be submitted in a single email.

Articles should be accompanied by a short biographical sketch that highlights your field of expertise, experience, company name (if any). Author's E-mail Address will not be published unless you have specified

A latest passport size colour photograph of the author can be included

All correspondence in this regards should be addressed to the Editor,Info Kairali, Kuruppunthara, Kottayam, Kerala, India.-686603, Email:

Once Info Kairali accept your article for publication, our technical staff editors will work with you to prepare the article to meet our style requirements, editing it according to our requirements regarding length, presentation, grammar, and style.