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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Info Kairali magazine on the news stand?
You can find Info Kairali computer magazine in all leading book stalls and railway book stalls in Kerala. If it is not available in your nearest book stall, please send a mail to
When will the new issue of Info Kairali magazine be available at newsstands in my area?
Usually first day of every month. In case of postal delay 3rd to 5th working day of every month.
How much does Info Kairali magazine cost, and how can I buy it?
Info Kairali computer magazine cost only Rs. 50/- Per copy with CD and Rs. 15/- without CD. You can avail discounts and gifts for annual subscription. Please read the subscription page for more details.
What are my payment options?
Refer our Payment page for details.
Can I order CDs separately?
No, we don't sell the CDs separately, but you can order back issues of CD separately.
Can I change my magazine only subscription to "with CD subscription"?
Yes, for that you have to pay the difference. Please contact our support section for your special discount for upgradation.
How can I order back issues of Info Kairali Magazine?
Please send a mail to and check the availability of the Issues. We are giving special discounts for back issues.
Which places do you ship to by subscription?
We ship to any place in India by India Post or by courier service.
What are my shipping options and charges?
Items in inventory are shipped on Monday to Friday afternoons, depending on when the order is placed. Whether the item you choose is for you, or a gift being sent elsewhere. All these rates are applicable in Kerala. You have to Pay Rs.10/- extra per copy for other states in India.
I've ordered a subscription today. When can I expect my first issue to be delivered?
It may take between 2 to 3weeks before you receive your first issue, depending on the region you're living in and the subscription variant you've chosen.
What do I need to do in order to renew my subscription?
With Info Kairali Computer Magazine's auto-renewal system you don't have to do anything to initiate the renewal. Your subscription will automatically be renewed each year at the subscription rate in effect at the time of renewal until you cancel your subscription. You will receive a confirmation notice roughly 60 days before your subscription expires. Please send the DD/MO/Cheques or make an online payment before 15 days before your subscription expires.
I've just moved house. How can I change my mailing address for Info Kairali magazine?
Send us your change of address information to our customer service department or submit the request by online from this page. Remember, if you move, you need to let us know. Otherwise, your copy of the magazine will be delayed by weeks by the Post Office.
I haven't received my last issue. What's going on?
There are a couple of effects outside of our reach, so we need to check on the facts first. Please notify us at or by online from this page, providing your address details and, if possible, your subscription ID, in the e-mail’s body. The subscription ID is printed on the mailing envelope above your address. We'll then come back to you within 3 working days and send out a replacement copy if your claim is valid.

Here are the top three reasons for a missed delivery:
The mailing has gone lost somewhere in transit, probably in the international postal system, or
You don't have a valid subscription with Info Kairali magazine (subscription expired) or
You've relocated and forgotten to inform us or informed us late, after the mailing was already sent out.
Haven't gotten your copy of the Book/CD?
Send us a note to or submit online from this page and we'll take care of it. From time to time, mail gets lost. If you haven't seen your copy of Info Kairali Magazine/ Book or CD ordered -- let us know. We'll be happy to replace it at no charge. You can place an online submission regarding this issue via the support section of this website.
The CD is not working in my computer?
There are a couple of reasons for the failure of a CD. First check your computer which is having essential requirements to run the CD such as Java scripts enabled, flash player, acrobat reader etc. These are available in Essential folder of the CD. Then you have to check on the data integrity of your CD by copying all files from the CD/DVD drive to your hard disk using your file browser such as Windows Explorer, if you receive error messages reporting about "read errors" it's likely that the CD is defective. Some times the CD may be having scratch or dirt during the delivery process. In such cases please send us a note; we’ll be happy to replace it at no charge. If you bought it from news stand return it to the bookshop they will take care of it.

Please note: Info Kairali CDs are distributed "as is". Info Kairali Magazine provides technical support for defective discs only. Unfortunately, we can't provide any installation support or trouble shooting help as we are neither the original vendor nor the developers of the software.
How can I make an article suggestion to the editorial?
Info Kairali is always interested in what you want to hear about. Send the suggestion to
How can I submit Tips & Tricks and Q&A?
Info Kairali's Tips & Tricks and Q&A section is one of the most read sections of the magazine. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge or solve your problems with an expert, submit it.
I can not find answer from this FAQ, What wiil I do?
If you cannot find an answer to your question in the help section of this website, please feel free to submit a support ticket!